Trusted Miami Injury Law Firm

Trusted Miami Injury Law Firm is a fun and exciting place, with a lot of opportunity for recreational activities. While many of these experiences are safe and enjoyable, sometimes accidents occur due to the negligence of others. When this happens, it’s important to have a personal injury attorney who understands Florida’s laws and can provide the legal help you need.

How did Morgan and Morgan start?

The right lawyer can take the burden of fighting for compensation off your shoulders. Between medical bills, a lost paycheck, and the stress of reorganizing your life, it’s enough to deal with after an accident. A reputable Miami personal injury lawyer can take the pressure off by taking care of your case so you can focus on getting well.

Our lawyers have helped people recover for injuries caused by work accidents, auto crashes, and product defects. We also have experience representing clients in cases involving medical malpractice and nursing home abuse. We know the state and federal statutes that govern these types of claims, and we will use this knowledge to your advantage.

Our experienced lawyers are also familiar with the complex laws that apply to maritime law. Whether you’re injured as a worker on a ship, or you’ve been hurt on a boating trip, our attorneys will help you get the full compensation you deserve. We can even pursue punitive damages in some situations. These are not compensatory; they are intended to send a message that the actions of the defendant will not be tolerated.