Magic Mushroom Montreal

magic mushroom montreal

The city of Montreal in Quebec is a melting pot of culture, fine arts, fashion, food and technology. It is also a prime spot for adventure and recreation. You can visit Mount Royal Park and explore the old town. The Montreal Botanical Garden and Notre Dame Basilica are other popular destinations. You can even go to a Montreal Canadiens hockey game and soak in the electric atmosphere.

Magic mushroom Montreal , if you are interested in psychedelic mushrooms, the chances of finding them in stores in Montreal are slim. The sale, production and possession of these fungi is illegal in Canada. It is a Schedule III drug under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. You can only legally obtain psilocybin shrooms by participating in a research study or obtaining special permission from Health Canada.

Montreal’s Psychedelic Renaissance: Navigating the Magic Mushroom Scene

Despite this, several stores have openly defied the law and continued to sell the fungi. One of them is called Fun Guyz and has a chain of ten locations across Ontario. It has even been raided twice. The first time was just days after it opened in July. The second raid happened on Thursday. Police said a 24-year-old man was arrested and drugs were seized. Police also searched a home in Longueuil, where an animal was shot by officers for “safety reasons.”

A man who declined to give his name claimed that the store reopened after the raid and started welcoming customers again. He said the store was an act of protest against archaic drug laws. He added that he has been microdosing magic mushrooms to cope with the effects of a head injury he suffered five years ago. The man vowed that his store would continue to open.