Is a Kindle Suitable For English Learning?

A Kindle is not only convenient and easy to use but it’s also full of hidden features that can help you boost your reading skills. There are tools to look up new words, save a list of them and track your progress, as well as an audiobook feature that allows you to hear what you’re reading, even when you don’t have a WiFi connection.

There are also other useful tools, like Vocabulary Builder, Word Wise and Whispersync that can all be used to increase your proficiency while reading. The latter feature is especially helpful if you find yourself stuck on a difficult word or sentence and can’t resolve it with a dictionary or tutor. Source

You can also take advantage of the highlighting and notes feature to save any tricky phrases or vocabulary that you need to look up later, or that you might want to go over with your tutor or class. You can even export these lists of highlights or notes to other apps such as flashcard services if you prefer a more sophisticated approach.

Is Kindle Suitable for English Learning? A Comprehensive Review

When it comes to finding books, you can get started with short stories or novellas that are easier to read and will help you build your basic English vocabulary. Or you can move on to novels, biographies or nonfiction. Alternatively, you can read a book that is adapted for beginners by a teacher or linguist. For example, the Teach Yourself collection of short stories in English uses simple vocabulary and grammar, making it ideal for beginners.