CBD Coffee – jibby’s Classic Roast

A coffee lover’s classic, this blend of Robusta and Arabica beans is slow-roasted in small batches to preserve flavor. It’s then precision infused with CBD to deliver maximum strength in each cup. This full-spectrum CBD coffee helps reduce the anxiety and jittery side effects of caffeine, while providing a soothing experience. It is recommended for those with a sensitivity to caffeine, anxiety or stress, and people who want a calming coffee without the caffeine crash. Source :www.quietmonkcbd.com/product/cbd-ground-coffee/

It has a rich, creamy taste and a smooth, round finish. With hints of milk chocolate and nuts, it’s an all-around great CBD coffee for anyone who loves a good morning joe.

Morning Ritual: Classic Roast CBD Coffee Awakening

Jibby’s signature medium roast blend of organic Robusta and Arabica beans is infused with natural CBD to help balance the body’s response to caffeine and its effects on mood, focus, and anxiety. This classic roast is the best choice for a balanced cup that’s perfect for those who need a little extra support or have a sensitivity to caffeine.

This award-winning CBD coffee from Buddha Beans is made using their revolutionary infusion method to add CBD directly into the coffee beans before roasting. The result is a high-quality, flavorful coffee that is able to deliver superior benefits without any oily residues. This CBD coffee is also one of the few on the market to include CBG in their Colombia flavor, a cannabinoid that may help with pain, inflammation, nausea and cancer cell growth.