5 Actions for a Leaking Roof

The drip-drip-drip of water in your ceiling is never a good sign and if you ignore it for too long, it will lead to rotted framing, sheathing, ruined insulation, and a whole host of other problems. Actions for a Leaking Roof , it can damage your home and decrease its value, so it’s important to act fast. In this article, we’ll look at five practical steps you can take to minimize damage from a leaking roof and keep it under control until you call a professional.

Step 1

Ensure that any leaking water is contained by placing containers underneath any spots where it’s pooling. This will prevent it from spreading throughout your home and causing more damage.

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Using plastic sheets or tarps, cover furniture and other possessions that can’t be moved to protect them from any water damage. It’s also a good idea to place buckets or other containers under the areas where water is dripping from your roof to catch it and stop it soaking your belongings. Be sure to empty these regularly to avoid them overflowing and causing more damage.

Step 3

If you can access your attic, try running a hose over the roof surface to simulate rain and help locate the leak. If this doesn’t reveal the source, start gently removing shingles in the suspect area. If you can see discolored felt paper or water-stained or rotted wood, then that’s the spot where the leak is coming from.