Waco – Why I Love Waco

why i love waco

The new Paramount Network needs a bold series to get off the ground, and Waco is a decent step in the right direction. But it could have been much more.More info:here

The show’s best moments linger in the personal toll that the siege took on its participants, including those who didn’t survive. It humanizes people who were written off as being in a cult while still managing to take aim at the cult’s leader and the government that responded to him.

But the drama’s biggest misfire is its decision to splay out events across multiple episodes without offering a unified narrative. This creates a mess of timelines and makes it difficult to discern which agencies are making which blunders. And while Kitsch is a compelling Koresh (and one of the few actors to ever pull off that kind of smarmy, steely nice guy charm), his characterization is weighed down by boilerplate exposition that leaves the viewer confused as to why any of this is happening at all.

Waco Wonders: A Love Letter to the Heart of Texas

What’s more, the series gingerly steps around each of the story’s most stalwart controversies, allowing both sides to present their opinions and then move on. That approach leaves the enduring questions of whether the government was abusing its power and a questionable theology on the sidelines.

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