Mega Patches For Acne

Our clear, large adhesive patches are an easy and pain-free solution to stubborn blemish clusters. These hydrocolloid acne patches pull out excess oil and help heal skin surrounding blemishes. They’re infused with Glycolic Acid, which helps brighten dark spots and prevent scarring. Use them as a nighttime treatment: Cleanse, dry and apply the patch with tacky side down on blemish area. Keep out of direct sunlight, water and moisturizers to maximize results.

Does MEGA PATCH(tm) come in different colors?

Mega Patches(tm) is available in black, gray or tan and will blend in with the asphalt once cured. MEGA PATCH(tm) is environmentally safe and contains no V.O.Cs or old recycled asphalt or bitumin. Once cured MEGA PATCH(tm) becomes part of the pavement, unlike cold patch material that simply stays in place by weight. MEGA PATCH(tm) can withstand traffic in less than an hour.

You can unlock Special Battle Chips that were previously given out in events and other ways and load them into the game through the MegaMan screen by pressing and confirming on the chip. You can also load Patch Cards, which grant effects that modify MegaMan’s performance. They can be used on the battle field and in the Challenge Rooms.