How to Choose the Right Rack Decking for Your Warehouse

solid pack rack decking

Solid pack rack decking is a safety accessory that provides a surface for palletized goods to rest on. Rack decks can increase stability and prevent items from falling through rack beams, reducing injury and inventory damage in warehouses. Several different types of rack decks are available, and the one that’s best for your warehouse depends on the type of load you store and other factors, such as fire safety codes.

Welded wire rack decking is a durable and economical alternative to wood or particle board, and it meets industry standards for support of a uniformly distributed load on the surface above warehouse racking load beams. In addition, wire mesh decks allow for improved visibility of stored items, especially at higher elevations. Their porous design also helps water from overhead sprinkler systems to flow more easily during a fire, which can minimize damage and potentially save inventory.

Solidify Your Storage: Exploring the Versatility of Solid Pack Rack Decking Systems

Do confirm that the capacity rating of the decking is identical to that of the rack beams upon which it’ll be installed (it’s common for users to assume that they are equal, but this can lead to problems, including point loads, and can also decrease a racking structure’s overall load-carrying capabilities). Do not walk on or stand on rack decking, as doing so creates concentrated points of load that can cause it to buckle, sag, or fall through the rack beams underneath it. This can also cause injury to employees. Do not install decking with a capacity that’s less than the rated load of a specific pallet position, as doing so can result in rack failure and equipment damage.