Lawyers For Credit Dispute Claims

Millions of Americans have errors or unfair negative items on their credit reports that lower their score and prevent them from getting loans, mortgages and jobs. Fortunately, the law allows consumers to challenge such marks by disputing them with the credit reporting agencies (Transunion, Equifax and Experian) or directly with the creditor who reported the incorrect mark. Our attorneys can help you correct such errors in a timely fashion. We have extensive knowledge of the laws that govern credit reporting and debt collection and can often do this more quickly, with less mistakes and with greater efficiency than you could do on your own.

Do credit disputes hurt your score?

The process of addressing inaccurate information on your lawyers for credit dispute begins with submitting a written dispute letter to the credit reporting agency or creditor that is responsible for the error. The process can be complicated and requires specific details to ensure that the correct information is disputed. We can help you properly prepare this letter and gather other necessary documentation such as police reports or affidavits if your identity has been stolen.

The law requires the credit bureau or creditor to investigate your claim and remove the inaccurate mark, if they agree that there is an error. If they fail to do so within the time allowed by law, you may be entitled to monetary damages including attorney fees and costs. Our credit lawyers can review the facts of your case and determine whether you are a good candidate for a lawsuit against the CRA or creditor that failed to correct the inaccurate information on your credit report.